The story of the film Awakening From the Dead is set at the beginning of the bombardment, in March 1999, in a small town somewhere in Central Serbia.

Miki is 40 years old; he is an unaccomplished writer, a disillusioned assistant-professor of Literature, an intimidated democrat and a sacked column-writer in a prominent daily newspaper. He rises from his own grave and enters his own life.

He goes to Belgrade to visit his family, then to his hometown to see his old, terminally ill father, his friends and his childhood sweetheart. Through contacts and conversations, he frees them and himself from illusions.

All those things he could not achieve "during his lifetime" he tries to accomplish "during his death" in only 48 hours in an attempt to save "post mortem" the honour of his environment and people, disregarding his own honour .

He does the "job" swiftly and clumsily, messed up with ink and blood, but with a "clear consciousness" of somebody who, after a lifetime of hesitation, indecision, and doubt, chooses to act. He returns to his own, comfortable, peaceful, warm and safe grave to spend time that is left until the end of a wrong and mean world.



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