"Awakening From the Dead" (Buđenje iz mrtvih) is the twelfth feature film of Miloš Radivojević. He also wrote the script in autumn of 2003, ten years after his great box office hit "Ni na nebu ni na zemlji" (Neither in Heaven nor on Earth), a successful film in the period of poverty and "unjust embargo".

After ten years of fruitless attempts to obtain at least partial Government financing for his projects, Miloš Radivojević along with Svetozar Cvetković and a handful of associates, friends and artists starts an enterprise that would eventually result in the film Awakening From the Dead. They all agree to contribute to the project with their work and art, forming the group known as "Testament filmS". The members of "Testament filmS", along with Radivojević and Cvetković are: Zora Martinović, Radoslav Vladić, Nemanja Petrović, Radmila Jovančićević, Dragoljub Vojnov, Slobodan Leman, Kornelije Kovač, Slavna Martinović, Đorđe Đurović, Nikola Berček and Petar Živković.

They invest their work as their asset in the film. There were also companies willing to help the production of the film with money needed for equipment, film stock, laboratory, etc. Prefiso d.o.o.; Concept Films and AATALANTA Ljubljana also appear as co-producers of the film.

The shooting was completed during February and March in 2004, on locations in Belgrade Kovilj, on the banks of the river Danube, an on the road to Zrenjanin... Editing lasted during the better part of summer and autumn, and the answer print was finished in the Budapest film lab, in December 2004.

The casting for this film was based on one main criterion: Miša looked for his friends and associates that are biased towards art house films – Ljuba Tadić, Anita Mančić, Tihomir Stanić, Svetislav Goncić, Aleksandra Janković, Ana Franić, Nenad Ćirić and for the first time as a producer and actor, Svetozar Cvetković.

Director of photography Radoslav Vladić has a long list of excellent works behind him. Along with the film director, as well as with the Art director Nemanja Petrović, he chose to present us rather odd film structure, of "vanishing" and "reappearing" of colour.

Kornelije Kovač, as the author of the original music score for the film wanted to investigate some undiscovered motifs in his work as a composer, after 30 years of cooperation with Radivojević. Kovač went along with the director in his nightmarish desire to set the record straight with his surroundings and his work, but first of all with himself, just like the main character of this film.

This, in a sense, may be an autobiographical film, but not only of one person, but of all of us, our wasted years, tainted destinies, muddy streets, autobiography of an ill-fated nation and our family.

The film Awakening From the Dead is a witness of one "buried generation" in this region, a generation that could really make the difference if it comes back to life, but...


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